True Worth Shines from the Heart, Not From the Change in Your Wallet

This video is absolutely fantastic. fouseyTUBE reverses the traditional mindset of people giving money to the homeless by offering money to people as a homeless man. Their responses truly show that people who believe they are better than others really aren’t; self-worth isn’t measured by one’s wealth and status, it’s measured by one’s humble heart. ❤

“Going into this video, the end goal wasn’t quite sure. You can never be sure because you can never know how people will react. It’s a completely different video depending on if people react positively or negatively. This video wasn’t one of those, “oh let’s see if people offer us money.” It was, “let’s see how people feel about themselves when someone who is classified as “lesser” than them on societies class ladder offers them money.” The results were not expected and not wanted. It doesn’t matter how much you have in life if what you have in life takes away from you being humble. At the end of the day, even the most poor man can be the most rich depending on how much love he has in his heart. feel free to share.” ~ fouseyTUBE


No Subject? No Problem

Finland’s updating their approach to how kids are taught in school in the most perfect of ways: they’re getting rid of “subjects” altogether and instead teaching “topics.” What does that mean when stepping into a class?

No more 1-2 hour-long classes where the teachers drone on about just history, or just math, while your eyes glaze over in boredom. Instead, during one class, kids will be taught several connected themes, such as a mix of maths, languages, writing skills and communication skills when studying “cafeteria services” as a vocational course.

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