The Consent Discussion, Using Tea

This is beyond fantastic! Blue Seat Studios made an animated video explaining consensual sex in a simple and amusing way that anyone can understand. And I mean ANYONE.

Replacing sex with a cup of tea, they go over what “saying yes” looks like in this quickly-drawn short. Tea won’t look the same to me ever again; the last forty seconds had me in tears because in NO WAY would anyone do that with tea! Yet people DO do that when it comes to sex, hence the brilliance behind this approach to explaining consent.


tea consent from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.


Why We Shouldn’t Sugarcoat the Deaths of Thousands of Shelter Pets Every Day – by Francis Battista

Why We Shouldn’t Sugarcoat the Deaths of Thousands of Shelter Pets Every Day


Words matter. Their meanings matter, and we have to be able to call a spade a spade.
Right now, at this very moment across the country, hundreds of healthy or treatable pets are being killed in shelters. In fact, 9,000 animals will be killed today, 9,000 tomorrow, and 9,000 again the next day. They are not being euthanized: They are being killed. It may not be comfortable to say, or to hear, but we have to be able to speak the truth and call it exactly what it is.

At Best Friends, we strongly believe in the difference in the meaning of the words “euthanasia” and “killing.” Here’s why.
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How Our Attention Will Eventually Be Sold

A man by the name of Mark Manson recently posted a great piece about how our technology today isn’t the cause for whatever problems we give it, rather, it’s simply there and we as humans react to it accordingly. It’s a super lengthy read by internet standards but it’s definitely worth the time as it discusses how we humans work, that the tools we create are just tools, and how we are the ones who dictate what those tools do, both as tools and to ourselves.

Modern technology isn’t changing us. It’s changing society. There’s a difference. One is how we are, and one is simply how we react every day to the world around us.


Then versus now: we’re all still the same(-ish), however, what’s available to & around us has changed.

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Are social media posts telling you the true story?

A Dutch University student recently went on a journey for a school project to prove that the realities we perceive through social media aren’t necessarily what they seem.

“Everybody knows that pictures of models are manipulated,” the student, Zilla Van Den Born was quoted as saying, “but we often overlook the fact that we manipulate reality in our own lives as well.”

She had convinced her friends, family, everyone (except her boyfriend who was in on the secret) that she was going on a five-week trip around South East Asia. Little did everyone know she was actually hiding in her bedroom the entire time.

“What a picture really shows is not the exact situation as it really was, but what it represents.”

Distorting reality at its best – no one would’ve been the wiser had she not said anything [Caters]

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