Why We Shouldn’t Sugarcoat the Deaths of Thousands of Shelter Pets Every Day – by Francis Battista

Why We Shouldn’t Sugarcoat the Deaths of Thousands of Shelter Pets Every Day


Words matter. Their meanings matter, and we have to be able to call a spade a spade.
Right now, at this very moment across the country, hundreds of healthy or treatable pets are being killed in shelters. In fact, 9,000 animals will be killed today, 9,000 tomorrow, and 9,000 again the next day. They are not being euthanized: They are being killed. It may not be comfortable to say, or to hear, but we have to be able to speak the truth and call it exactly what it is.

At Best Friends, we strongly believe in the difference in the meaning of the words “euthanasia” and “killing.” Here’s why.
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Want to Conserve Water? Then Flaunt Your Pee!

OK, maybe don’t flaunt it per se, but DO resist the urge to flush every time you have a piddle.

Why? Well for starters, each time you flush gallons of perfectly good water swishes your stuff away, regardless of how much (or little!) you filled the bowl. That’s the toilet equivalent of filling your kitchen sink with sudsy hot water every time you wash something, even if all you’re washing is one single spoon. You wouldn’t waste so much water just to wash one utensil, so why are you wasting so much water for a few drops of pee?

The toilet is the biggest waste of water in your house. There’s nothing else in your house that will dump nearly two gallons of water in as short a period of time. ~ Kenneth Messer

Metro Vancouver’s chart shows our water use for our porcelain potty’s is obscenely high compared to other household things; an average human doesn’t poop enough for this amount of toilet water use to make any sense!

While many still consider it “gross” to encounter toilet water tinted yellow from another’s unflushed urine, it’s time for them to get over it. Everybody pees. Whoop-de-doo. Knowing this, it’s easy enough to normalize the practice of lower-frequency flushing.

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Bikes versus cars: how “wasted space” makes a difference

Recently a Latvian biking advocacy group called Let’s Bike It decided to show the world, in the easiest and simplest of ways, just how much space is saved on our roads when we use our bikes (and comparatively, how much is taken/wasted when using a vehicle instead). While it’s easy to think “oh yeah, I know bikes take less space, it’s kind of obvious but it’s no big deal,” to actually see it this way will really drive the point home… And no, that pun was not intended.

Just seeing this waste of space really irks the Virgo in me

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Buy an iPhone, or buy a forest?

What would you rather spend your hard-earned money on: an iPhone that’ll last maybe 2-3 years that invites you to spend countless hours of your days ignoring life around you with its ever-distracting screen? Or your very own forest, grown in your own backyard/neighbourhood, that’ll last years and years and provide countless hours of embracing life and all the beauty it has to offer?

Image Credit: Earth. We are one.

Image Credit: Earth. We are one.

Let’s be honest here, you could have both too! The point is, for the cost of an iPhone, you could legitimately grow your own custom forest that will last for generations, helping the planet, the people around you, and your own spirit along the way.

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