The Consent Discussion, Using Tea

This is beyond fantastic! Blue Seat Studios made an animated video explaining consensual sex in a simple and amusing way that anyone can understand. And I mean ANYONE.

Replacing sex with a cup of tea, they go over what “saying yes” looks like in this quickly-drawn short. Tea won’t look the same to me ever again; the last forty seconds had me in tears because in NO WAY would anyone do that with tea! Yet people DO do that when it comes to sex, hence the brilliance behind this approach to explaining consent.


tea consent from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.


If Robberies Were Treated Like Rapes

More often than not a message isn’t understood unless the context is changed. Whether that be from ignorance, misunderstandings or sheer stubbornness, it’s an unfortunate truth that most will simply shrug something off rather than understand it.

It’s videos like this one that make the unfair and ridiculous approach toward rape victims truly apparent. We don’t see robbery victims treated this way, and while they do feel violated and experience something (their stuff) lost, it can never compare to the aftermath of a rape, of being physically violated, of losing a part of yourself (dignity, the unfortunate truth that even as a victim you will lose respect because idiots believe the rape is your fault).

This video makes you feel incredibly frustrated for the victim because they had some of their stuff stolen when someone invaded their space WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. That’s just from a TV being taken, now imagine how you’d feel after someone steals your sex when they invade your body WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.


So a big bravo to Cynthia Kao who wrote, directed, and edited this video that will hopefully smack some sense and reality into those who think rape shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Proof That All Women Are Beautiful

Buzzfeed recently shared a video with the world depicting the most revered and ideal body types of women throughout the ages and one thing is very clear: all women are beautiful.


Va-va-voom ladies! ;3

Aside from extreme anorexia and obesity, conditions which are considered extreme for obvious health reasons (and are probably not part of the rotation because of it), all shapes, from very thin to large and plump bodies and non-existent breasts to ginormous gozangas, are represented as being beautiful at one point or another. ALL OF THEM.

If this doesn’t scream “goddammit woman you’re gorgeous” to all the ladies out there I don’t know what else will.



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TV Host Proves Women Judged More Harshly than Men by wearing the same suit… for a year

In a long-term effortless effort to prove a point on sexism, Australia’s Karl Stefanovic, a popular morning show host from “down under,” wore the same suit for a solid year and no one even noticed.


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Cross-dressing for gender perspective

What better way to show people gender doesn’t (and shouldn’t) affect how you go through day-to-day life than to cross-dress for a day? That’s something Fuji Hokuryo High School in Yamanashi Prefecture decided to do yesterday during their “Sex Change Day” (セクスチェンジ・デー or sekusu chenji dee).


“Kawaii desune~!”

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Street Harassment Isn’t Something to be “Thankful” For

More and more videos depicting the kind of harassment women are subjected to on a daily basis are appearing on the interweebz, and this one is by far one of the best.

harassment video sg2

Uhh, no dude, she doesn’t, so why do you insist on harassing her?

An NYC woman walked around for ten hours in Manhattan with a hidden camera focused on her the entire time. The video features only some of the 100+ instances the woman, Shoshana B. Roberts, endured while walking in complete silence during the experiment.

For 10 hours, Rob walked in front of Shoshana with a camera in his backpack, while Shoshana walked silently with two mics in her hands. ~ Hollaback

harassment video sg1

Operation Street Harassment, commence!

The combination of her keeping silent, plus her wearing a very basic outfit of jeans and a crewneck t-shirt, really drives the point of the video home – this kind of harassment is not asked for or invited like what popular media would have you believe, it happens because those who’re causing the harassment choose to harass.

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“Fuck that sexist shit” – little girls slam sexism

“Girls just want to have fun-damental rights”

This week, American for-profit company posted a video featuring five girls, aged six to 13, dressed as princesses asking:
What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f**k or the sexist way society treats girls and women?
For all the protecting the world feigns for their children, including teaching them not to swear because it’s “inappropriate,” it’s a fantastic contradiction to see these little girls openly swearing about sexism (’cause saying “fuck” is bad yet being fucked is “ok”).