Welcome to my cheeky interwebz-based abode, where anything and everything can (and hopefully will) be discussed, dissected, and divulged.

About Ania Kwak

Cheeky chameleon has many disguises!

Cheeky chameleon has many disguises!

There’s no “one colour” to describe me: I am multifaceted, like a clear crystal whose multiple colours sporadically glint their hues in the bright sunlight.

When people hear how extensive my job history has been due to my job-jumping years as a teen, they joke “what HAVEN’T you worked as?” When I somehow am able to do just about everything with ease I’m asked “what CAN’T you do?” As my hobbies continuously change and are rotated through or left behind people laughingly say “you NEVER stick with anything do you?”

Few people have understood the revolving doors of my lifestyle, that my having more interests than I can handle, more abilities than I can master, while always seemingly being “against the grain,” is just the way it is. In turn, I’ve encountered many difficulties navigating life’s challenges, for most are designed for those who can happily settle on one or two things, whereas settling is not an option for me.

Cheeky Chameleons

As a multipotentialite who’s felt much like a chameleon in our ever-changing world I realized that I’m not alone, that those like me do exist and we’re all trying to do the same thing: explore and navigate life’s disguises as we continuously adjust our own camouflage while we try to make things work. It’s damn hard to be a multipotentialite, someone whose interests are seemingly all over the place with no rhyme or reason, but it’s only hard when you fight against it. I’ve recently learned this and wanted to share my discoveries as they come: as a result, Cheeky Chameleons came to be.

Much like the chameleon, a “distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards,” we multipotentialites have the innate ability and need to change our colours, matching where we are and how we feel in life at any given moment. This blog is meant to be a place for other “cheeky chameleons” to congregate and celebrate how we are, embracing all our undulating hues as we trek through today’s world. I hope that by sharing my varied insights, thoughts and interests through here, it will help other cheeky chameleons with their struggles and show them that they’re not alone in this journey, that it’s fantastic that we have this ability, and to gain insight through the journey of other cheeky chameleons.


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