The “joy” of periods; a man’s personal experience bleeding from “down there”

While every woman knows the pains and frustrations of bleeding from our nethers, men, having the luxury of never having a period, in turn tend to not have many thoughts towards a woman’s period other than “whatever,” “gross,” or “it’s no big deal.”

And let’s be fair, it’s very hard to understand ANYTHING when you don’t get first-hand experience!

Yet one man DID get to experience it, albeit only temporarily and via his rectum, and was brave enough to actually write about his experience online. A fantastic read that honestly does describe what women have to deal with on a monthly basis for a good 40+ years of their lives (for the math savvy, that’s approx. 480 periods in a woman’s lifetime, or +/- 2,400-5,280 days of bleeding, depending on her cycle… That’s assuming it’s only 40 years! And we haven’t even touched on how much blood a woman bleeds out every time…)

A never-ending river of red, hooray! /sarcasm

I knew a guy who had rectal bleeding issues. I was there when he experienced an accident where he stained the seat of our friend’s rental car with blood because of it. He was beyond embarrassed and felt extremely ashamed. I gave him one of my pads at the time and he also refused at first, until I explained that only he and I would know and it would prevent any other accidents from happening. He ended up using it and afterward was extremely thankful; we had a good discussion about periods and how women approach dealing with having blood flood out all the damn time. As for the car stain, he shoved his pride aside and talked to the friends who rented the car (who were both very understanding) and then cleaned the resulting mess.

Read the blogger’s own personal experience here, I guarantee the ladies will appreciate his sympathy, and the gents will have a much better understanding of what ladies must endure. 🙂


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