No Subject? No Problem

Finland’s updating their approach to how kids are taught in school in the most perfect of ways: they’re getting rid of “subjects” altogether and instead teaching “topics.” What does that mean when stepping into a class?

No more 1-2 hour-long classes where the teachers drone on about just history, or just math, while your eyes glaze over in boredom. Instead, during one class, kids will be taught several connected themes, such as a mix of maths, languages, writing skills and communication skills when studying “cafeteria services” as a vocational course.

This approach will give kids a more realistic view on how these skills will apply in the real world, based off of themes and ideas they’re more likely to be interested in studying. It will also help prevent dissuading those kids who rock in certain subjects yet are flunk-worthy in others, since multiple subjects will be combined to emphasize the importance of working with many combined elements to achieve results.


The new & improved circle of education

It doesn’t hurt that this approach will ensure that excelling at one aspect will compensate (to some degree) for any weaknesses in others, though learning the “harder” subjects in this manner may prove to be easier since they’ll only need to focus on parts of it instead of the whole shabang.

This is a fantastic switch as not only does it shake up the school days in an interesting way, it will show kids the relation and relevance of the subjects they’re learning (math, science, etc) in a more real-world (and easier to relate to) setting. Being able to understand the relevance of it all will make it that much easier to learn what needs to be learned in the long run, for who wants to learn something they feel they have no need to know?


"Ohhh, calculus DOES have a purpose outside of high school! And I actually understand why! Thanks school, I'mma gonna learn the shit out of this!"


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