If Robberies Were Treated Like Rapes

More often than not a message isn’t understood unless the context is changed. Whether that be from ignorance, misunderstandings or sheer stubbornness, it’s an unfortunate truth that most will simply shrug something off rather than understand it.

It’s videos like this one that make the unfair and ridiculous approach toward rape victims truly apparent. We don’t see robbery victims treated this way, and while they do feel violated and experience something (their stuff) lost, it can never compare to the aftermath of a rape, of being physically violated, of losing a part of yourself (dignity, the unfortunate truth that even as a victim you will lose respect because idiots believe the rape is your fault).

This video makes you feel incredibly frustrated for the victim because they had some of their stuff stolen when someone invaded their space WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. That’s just from a TV being taken, now imagine how you’d feel after someone steals your sex when they invade your body WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.


So a big bravo to Cynthia Kao who wrote, directed, and edited this video that will hopefully smack some sense and reality into those who think rape shouldn’t be taken seriously.


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