Proof That All Women Are Beautiful

Buzzfeed recently shared a video with the world depicting the most revered and ideal body types of women throughout the ages and one thing is very clear: all women are beautiful.


Va-va-voom ladies! ;3

Aside from extreme anorexia and obesity, conditions which are considered extreme for obvious health reasons (and are probably not part of the rotation because of it), all shapes, from very thin to large and plump bodies and non-existent breasts to ginormous gozangas, are represented as being beautiful at one point or another. ALL OF THEM.

If this doesn’t scream “goddammit woman you’re gorgeous” to all the ladies out there I don’t know what else will.



While yes each “age” has a different focus and ideal shape, the fact remains that not one ideal represented the masses at any given point and every shape has been in the spotlight at some point. Much like colour trends in fashion, though a particular body type might not be “in season,” that doesn’t mean no one will appreciate that body type. (I have yet to be told “purple is out!” and see that all of humanity stops liking purple as a result – body types are the same!)

If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think about how many industries would go out of business. Unknown

Really, the fact the “ideal” has fluctuated so much over the ages just goes to show that, in the end, there is no one ideal because the world can’t seem to make up its gorram mind since every woman is beautiful.

So to all the women out there, whether you already know it or are in complete denial: never forget that you ARE beautiful, and fuck whoever says otherwise. ❤


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