Bikes versus cars: how “wasted space” makes a difference

Recently a Latvian biking advocacy group called Let’s Bike It decided to show the world, in the easiest and simplest of ways, just how much space is saved on our roads when we use our bikes (and comparatively, how much is taken/wasted when using a vehicle instead). While it’s easy to think “oh yeah, I know bikes take less space, it’s kind of obvious but it’s no big deal,” to actually see it this way will really drive the point home… And no, that pun was not intended.

Just seeing this waste of space really irks the Virgo in me

Having occurred during European Mobility Week, this powerful visual statement was put together in the streets of the capital Riga to show exactly how much space a single car takes versus one lone bike. While it doesn’t take into account that others may be in the car, the reality is that most of us use our cars for solo missions quite often, without a second thought, so really most of us have no excuse.

Admit it, you’d ask these cyclists to take off those “damned contraptions” because they’re wasting space… Which is exactly the point they’re trying to make

These full-scaled bamboo frames placed on riders’ shoulders were driven around for several hours, really putting into perspective how biking can improve something as simple as space on the roads (no more congested roadways!). Though cars will always be around ’cause, let’s face it, they make commuting so much easier and faster, this is a strong point made by the Let’s Bike It crew; if you can make it happen, use your bike instead.


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