Why #yesallwomen was a long time coming

The #yesallwomen movement has all but exploded these last few days and it’s about time that it did.

Women have relentlessly been subjected to gender discrimination, much to the ignorance and dismissiveness of the world, so it’s no wonder that this proverbial pot of misogynistic water has boiled over and is now singeing the surface of society’s views on what is and isn’t okay when it comes to treatment of the women in the world.

Over the last couple of years there’s been an increase of women calling out men when it comes to how they’re treated. More recently there have been women calling out women for perpetuating that same treatment. It all adds up to the same thing: this shit’s happening, all around the world. All. The. Time.

There are those who question “why now?” Why are women only now starting to speak up about this? Actually, women have been speaking up about this for a very long time but were always told to shut the fuck up and get over it because it’s “just the way it is” and to “deal with it.” When you’re continuously told the same thing over and over again, eventually you unconsciously believe it even when you know better.

You know the Pavlov’s dog conditioning experiment? It’s a lot like that:

Every time dog is fed, dog hears bell. Over time, when dog hears bell, dog unconsciously expects to be fed (proven by increased salivation).

Every time women report gender discrimination, women hear “who cares, deal with it.” Over time, when women experience discrimination, women unconsciously expect to be dismissed (proven by increased “who cares, deal with it” responses).

Yep, ladies and gentlemen alike have been “trained” that it’s okay, nay, expected for people to disregard they have rights, letalone give a shit that their rights are abused. Does that mean we can’t change that? Fuck no! Over the past few centuries women’s rights have been challenged by some exceptionally brave women, causing some serious changes in what women can do and how we are perceived. With the help of social media uniting women around the world, this major hurdle that women must face to finally be considered equals with men is now possible.

Naturally, as with any movement, there will be many battles along the way to the end of the journey. With all this talk about #yesallwomen many males feel the need to defend themselves, birthing the #notallmen hashtag to prove their point, which actually proves the point of #yesallwomen. #Yesallwomen is about bringing all the bullshit that women deal with to light; #notallmen is taking that light away, thus taking the focus away from how women are treated and making it all about the men, which is EXACTLY WHY #YESALLWOMEN EXISTS.

#Yesallwomen = women telling the world their until-recently ignored misogynistic stories about their victimization
#Notallmen = men ignoring the misogynistic stories to tell the world they’re being victimized because these stories are being told

That’s the bare-bones equivalent of:
1)      A bleeding “person A” tells “person C” that “person B” shot them
2)      “Person C”  tells off “person A,” saying “_I_ don’t shoot people!” while ignoring that “person A” is bleeding & suffering from their wound

…Seriously, if you don’t see the problem with this, you ARE the problem.

Let’s be straight here, #yesallwomen isn’t a hate “forum” against the males of the world. We get that #notallmen are misogynistic, #notallmen are rapists, #notallmen will kill women because they feel they deserve sexual favours and admiration. Unfortunately we also know that #notallmen are kind, #notallmen are respectful, #notallmen acknowledge that no means no. The term “not all men” goes both ways, which, again, is why #yesallwomen is so prevalent right now: though #notallmen are a part of the problem, #yesallwomen are harassed, #yesallwomen are discriminated against, #yesallwomen deal with this kind of bullshit every day. Yes, ALL women.

Hell, all GIRLS too, ‘cause children are subjected to this tyranny as well. You think it’s surprising to hear all the stories adult women are saying right now? Adults know they have a voice they can use, children are still learning: imagine how many experiences the young girls today have of which they’re not even sure they’re “allowed” to voice, the experiences they’ve had to endure because, as a child, they’re expected to “follow” and “listen to” adults, that it must be considered “normal” and “okay” if mommy and auntie and grandma had bad things happen to them too and no one cared or did anything about it…”

“My friend’s sister was touched by her uncle today. She told him ‘no’ and he hit her and she cried. He said her dress made it ok, then he made my dress dirty and ripped it. I don’t like dresses anymore.”

Extreme example? Hardly. Think about that for a second.

Now think about that again. But picture your daughter saying that. Picture your niece saying that. Picture your best friend’s daughter going through the kind of shit #yesallwomen is bringing to light.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this kind of shit happens to little boys too and is just as horrifying and not ok, yet it’s only the girls who’re expected to suck it up and deal with it ’cause it’s a “girl problem.” Women are raised to expect this kind of shit and accept it as “normal.”

It’s no fucking wonder women have had enough.

If you’re one of the awesome guys who’s already fighting the good fight and being respectful toward the ladies, or if you’re one of the awesome ladies who’s doing the same, you rock our socks & keep at it! We all have the power to stop the misogyny and you’re already a step ahead. To all the rest, what’s your excuse? It’s time to change things, let’s fucking do it already.


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